2x Founder & CEO. Business Consulting & Personal Finance - Building Female Millionaires // Ashley launched Her Seven Figure Story, a financial strategy and education consulting business, in August of 2021. After scaling her own business to six figures in just six months, she curated her second business, Buy The Blazer, to help other entrepreneurs utilize her powerful brand, marketing, and sales strategies to do the same.


Her Seven Figure Story is a financial education & coaching business designed to help you create a custom financial plan - all things budgeting, saving, and investing with confidence. I have a 12 week signature coaching program where we work 1:1 for three months to help you create your own custom financial roadmap to your goals. After the 12 weeks you can stay within our membership community for additional support, networking, and trainings.


Buy the Blazer is my multi six figure (soon to be 7 figure) business consulting firm. I've worked with hundreds of aspiring and existing entrepreneurs to help them start and scale businesses to 10k, 20k, or 50k per month. Buy the Blazer offers everything from social media memberships, specialty courses, and intimate coaching & advisory containers to take you to the next level in your business.

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